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Can your business function without YOU?

It’s difficult to focus on growing your business when you’re so busy dealing with the day-to-day operations. But at what point do you take a step back and ask yourself, “is there a better way I could be doing this?”

Without realizing it, you’ve built your business to completely rely on you. Driving leads, collecting payments, following up on tasks, talking with customers, making sure sales are getting made and everyone's getting paid ... Being stretched like this might work when you’re first starting but what about when you discover you need more time? More time to focus on growing the business, or maybe just more time for yourself.

quit settling for less...

How this company went from $4m to $12.5m by implementing our Proactive solutions


Here is the actual data for a local  home improvement company in business for 15 years but unable to reach $5M in net revenue. Once operational efficiency became an area of focus, the business owners were able to redirect their focus on the bigger picture.  Evolving Enterprises’ business owner, Tiffany Hundley, began working with this company in 2013, implemented operational efficiency across multiple departments by 2014, became the Director of Operations in 2015, and helped the business grow by $8.5M in 2018.

Case Study Data

Our proven Proactive Operations Process allows you to focus on whats most important, growing your business.

Learn how you can build a process you can walk away from.

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transform your business from reactive to proactive

Fractional COO Services

For companies that are serious about building their foundation for growth or sale

 Take advantage of years of experience and hire a proactive leader if you cannot justify a full-time COO 


Our workshops & webinars enable you and your teams to innovate on your current processes and build a path toward manageable growth.


Our business retreats allow you to build your team cohesion and creativity while providing you a space to recharge and reinvigorate your organization.



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Chris Bruner (NOVA Power Systems)

“Tiffany with Evolving Enterprises stepped in to help my company sort out order and stage for growth. My company had been through a lot of turmoil caused by rapid growth and human capital deficiencies and turnover, Tiffany surely had her work cut out for her… I would say that Tiffany’s most valuable offerings are not her “know-how”, which is through the roof, but her drive to succeed and finish what she started is contagious and she is a natural born leader. I truly do not think there is another out there that can do this job for my company better than Tiffany.”

Chris Bruner
NOVA Powers Systems 

evolving enterprises