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Let us help your business evolve
from reactive, to PROACTIVE!

We help leadership in home service industries adopt the proactive habits necessary to achieve scalable growth.
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Achieve Scalable Growth 

With the EE Proactive Business System

For Home Service Businesses to be successful, their marketing and sales efforts must be the focus. However, as the business grows, there often becomes misalignments with the operation of the company, leading to inconsistencies and the prevention of scalable growth.


By extending focus onto your daily operations and optimizing resources, Evolving Enterprises helps your business evolve with the EE Proactive Business System, establishing a strong foundation to support scalable growth, eliminate wasted resources, and reduce unnecessary stress.

Achieve scalable growth, eliminate wasted resources, and reduce unnecessary stress with the EE Proactive Business System


We optimize technology  and software to improve communication amongst your sales, office, and field, reducing miscommunications and wasted time & money.


A unified Growth From Within training program for your Sales, Office, and Field ensures all departments work together to achieve personal and company goals.


A proactive and team based culture is developed through effective and consistent daily habits which are adopted by individuals, teams, and departments. 

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"The secret of all victory
lies in the organization
of the non-obvious"
                                    Marcus Aurelius

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people we've worked with
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Chris Bruner

President of NOVA Power Systems

"Tiffany with Evolving Enterprises stepped in to help my company sort our order and stage for growth. My company had been through a lot of turmoil caused by rapid growth and human capital deficiencies and turnover, Tiffany surely had her work cut out for her... I would say that Tiffany's most valuable offerings are not her "know how", which is through the roof, but her drive to succeed and finish what she started is contagious and she is a natural born leader. I truly do not think there is another out there that can do this job for my company better than Tiffany."
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Do you have what it takes to evolve with us?

Check out how you can implement the

EE Proactive Business System into your business


Walk away from each event with a built out tool from the EE Proactive Business System. We organize information together and then plan how to apply it into your business. After one of our workshops, you can put your tool into action, immediately.


If you're serious about making a change in your business, register for our high intense retreats. Together, we develop a variety of tools from the EE Proactive Business System, specific to address the major misalignments in your business.


Our Fractional COO services are a partnership between your company and Evolving Enterprises, ensuring the successful implementation of the EE Proactive Business System. Work with a Fractional COO and grow your business.

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