Create Valuable Time

Do you and your staff constantly complain about there never being enough time in the day? Do tasks and projects take longer than they should? We have the magic recipe to create valuable time on an individual basis. We can work directly with everyone in your organization, or specific individuals with this package. 

Set Your Business Up for Growth

Are you ready to grow your business but find yourself still too involved in the daily operations? Don't trust that anyone else can do it as well as you? We understand! That's why we created this package. We work with your back-office to ensure your business can handle a growth spurt. 

Get the Most Out of Your Employees

 As your business grows, things get more complicated. However, often more sales are made, more money is thrown at marketing, but the people that keep your business afloat are left to figure things out on their own. We've developed this package to ensure your employees efficiently grow with your business and your optimizing their skills. 

Take your Business to the Next Level

Setting your business up for growth and taking it to the next level occur at two different stages in your business. This stage focuses on the components in your business that need further refinement before you can efficiently handle the "next level". This package is most appropriate for businesses in growth-mode. 

Best Practices Health Check-Up

Don't know exactly where your business stands to ensure efficiency while optimizing your costs? Schedule a FREE consultation with us and get a Best Practices Health Check-Up. You might be surprised by the results! 

Best Practices Strategy Blueprint

Experts at Evolving Enterprises, LLC have developed the Business Foundation Building Method which provides the framework and tools needed to identify areas negatively affecting the efficiency and optimization of your business. 

Strategy Blueprint Implementation

What good is a plan without action? We understand that your time and money is precious and limited, that's why we offer Outsourced COO services for us to directly implement the Best Practices Strategy Blueprint. Don't let another back-office project get delayed or cost you unnecessary dollars. 


Employers are able to hire an expert for a fraction of the time. If a full-time employee is not justified or not in the budget, you have the flexibility to do so with no long term commitment.


Hiring a COO can easily cost $150k-$350k annually. Outsourced services give business owners the ability to hire a professional on the executive level, but for a fraction of the cost.


We are focused on what needs to be developed with your daily operations to optimize costs. We work hand in hand with your staff to implement change to reach your short & long-term goals, faster.


Our clients get to take advantage of our 19+ years of knowledge and experience implementing best practices for service-based businesses, and our vast network of outsourced professionals.


Evolving Enterprises, LLC

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